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Precise, safe, applications in the field demand that the sprayer is effectively calibrated. Calibration must always be done with clean water and before the use of any crop protection product.

Follow these three steps to calibrate your sprayer:

Check driving speed

Half-fill the spray tank with water.

Mark out 100 m – note time to drive the distance.


If it takes 50 seconds to drive 100 metres, the spraying speed is 7.2 km/hour.

Driving speed formula

distance driven (m) x 3.6 
____________________     =   km/h         

          time (sec.)

Select volume rate, nozzle and pressure

For easy selection of nozzles and pressure, use the HARDI calibration disk (order No. 285802).


Volume rate 250 l/ha
Driving speed 7.5 km/h
Nozzle ISO F-04-110

Pressure 2.90 bar
Nozzle flow 1.56 l/min

Check nozzle output

If actual output is not equal to desired output:
Readjust pressure.(alternatively, change nozzle or driving speed)
If output has increased more than 10% from table value, change all nozzles.

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